Louis Bovard Buxus Sauvignon Epesses Grand Cru 2014



While Louis Bovard is renown for his dedication to Chasselas, going so far as to founding the Conservatoire Mondial de Chasselas – a repository of massale selections of this quintessentially Swiss varietal – he has also actively promoted several non-indigenous varieties suitably adapted to his native, limestone-rich soils. Most notable among these are Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc. On the dizzyingly steep slopes of Epesses (at a grade of 30°) Louis Bovard farms his best Sauvignon Blanc, named Buxus – the latin for Boxwood. This name is no mistake, as Louis Bovard Buxus Sauvignon Epesses Grand Cru 2014 has a characteristically spicy aroma frequently found in this wine. Aged in barrel, its inspiration can be found in the greatest Sauvignon Blancs of Sancerre and Pouilly.