A.E. Dor Cigar Cognac


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A.E. Dor Cigar Cognac is a cognac specially designed to be an accompaniment to a cigar, put together by AE Dor. It’s a blend that includes Petite and Grande Champagne Cognacs as well as a number of spirits that have been aged in new oak casks – this gives an extra woodiness that helps the Cognac stand up to a cigar’s flavors.

To elaborate on A.E. Dor Cigar Cognac, this one of a kind cognac has been made by blending numerous¬†cognacs including the noblest (Grande and Petite Champagne in a large share). The new oak brings a slight excess of “wood” which, with a stronger alcohol content of 42%, offers a perfect cognac for demanding amateurs. It harmonizes a great finesse with a strong and well-built character. This cognac develops and integrates the aromatic fragrances of the cigar.


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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in