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Avion Espresso Liqueur has deep espresso flavor, light sweetness rather than cloying sweetness and a clean dry finish that hints at its silver tequila roots. 70 proof / 35% ABV – Retails for approximately $24.99 for 750ml bottle. Enjoy chilled to sip or shoot as a shot, on the rocks or included in favorite cocktails.

Use Avion Espresso Liqueur in the same capacity you would regular coffee liqueur. You will notice a bit of tequila in the finish. But I also think that adds a touch of something flavorful to cocktails if you are willing to experiment a little. Think of using Avion Espresso Liqueur in place of coffee liqueur in your next White Russian. Avion Tequila even suggests mixing 1 part Avion Espresso liqueur with 1 part Irish Whiskey in a rocks glass over fresh ice. Stir and sip. If you like that, think about adding a little half and half with a bit of Irish cream. Shake it up and serve on the rocks or in a cocktail glass for a creamy espresso cocktail with an irish kick.

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