Bartender’s Pina Colada


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Bartender’s Pina Colada is a USA cocktail mixer that has true fruit flavors that are skillfully blended with carefully selected ingredients to create the most delicious and luxurious cocktails made. The dry rum cocktail mix is easy to use and allows you to make one drink at a time, or many. This pina colada cocktail mix has a shelf life that far exceeds that of liquid mixes.

Whether your just trying to relax or spice things up, Bartender’s Pina Colada is the way to go. This cocktail mixer, is a premium mixer on the market, with a cost price that won’t leave your pockets hurting. Bartender’s Pina Colada is a fresh mix, that combines delicious, premium ingredients into your one of a kind cocktail, leaving everybody asking for seconds.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in