Boeri Monferrato Dolcetto 2013


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Boeri Monferrato Dolcetto 2013

The Boeri wine estate was established around 1900 when the great-grandfather of the current owners, Alfonso Boeri, began growing vines on the slopes of Bricco Quaglia. In all these years, starting with great-grandfather Alfonso, grandfather Giovanni and father of the current owners, Alfonso, each generation passed onto the next one passion for winemaking: for the hard work it entails and for the immense satisfactions its brings.

In 1998 Giorgio and Roberto Boeri, the current owners, took in their hands the management of the estate. They decided to cultivate grapes of the highest quality and to produce and bottle outstanding wines. As the name for their wines they chose Alfonso Boeri, paying homage to the great-grandfather and father Alfonso. Their first wine was Barbera d’Asti Superiore Pörlapà whose grapes come from a vineyards that was first planted by grandfather Giovanni in 1936. Encouraged by the success of their first wine, Giorgio and Roberto began producing additional wines whose grapes come from the Bricco Quaglia vineyards. They also planted several new vineyards, focusing not only on the traditional Barbera, but also on Moscato, Chardonnay and even Nebbiolo – the grape variety used for making barolo and barbaresco.

Starting with the first production of 4000 bottles in 2001, the estate has been growing continuously, especially due to the constant enthusiasm for Boeri wines in Italy and abroad. In 2001 Boeri wines acquired their first European clients, in 2005 entered the Asian market, and in 2006 the United States. Today Boeri wines are exported with success to 15 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, and the company continuously seeks to presents its wines in new markets, as is shown by the recent addition of a collaboration with Greece.

Every member of the Boeri family is directly involved in the activities of the estate, starting with the care for the vineyards and work in the cellar, all the way to sales and distribution. They work with dedication and enthusiasm as they aim to uphold family traditions and improve constantly. Soon, Giulia (who is already involved in the running of the estate), Renata and Pierpaolo, the youngest generation of the family, will take the reins in their hands and continue to develop the company into the future.

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