Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Rum


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Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Rum is Distilled for dryness: Brugal’s distillation removes many of the heavy alcohols that give other rums their sweetness, resulting in a clean, dry and smooth spirit.

Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Rum is Aged for smoothness: XV is a unique blend of rums that combine rums aged 3 to 8 years in White American Oak Casks (Former American Whisky) and rums aged 2 to 3 years in ex Pedro Ximenez Sherry Casks. The result is a perfect marriage of dry rums with exceptional smoothness and flavor.

Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Reserva Rum is crafted from a blend of rums aged up to 8 years in former bourbon and whiskey barrels.

This rum is produced by the Brugal distillery in the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1888, to this day the company is still run by the Brugal family.


Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Rum Color: A beautiful crystal clear rum with an amber hue which appears brilliant and bright.

Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Rum on the Nose: Smooth to the nose with aromatic nuances and a light woodiness. Its aroma is a mixture of honey and dried fruits with traces of caramel.

Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Rum on the Palate: Smooth and well-balanced on the palate, with subtle fruity and slightly sweet notes.

Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva Rum Aftertaste: Pleasant aftertaste, light and delicately lingering.

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