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This vodka is one of the few vodkas produced with potatoes. At about 1/3 less yield per kilo and a lot more prep work to ferment and distill make it a difficult and expensive undertaking. Christiania is also a gluten free vodka helping those who suffer from Celiac’s Disease. This particular vodka uses Organic Trondelag Potatoes (a rather sweet variety), Norwegian spring water, and is distilled 6 times before being charcoal filtered and aerated.

Taste: Nice oily thick entry with slightly sweet taste and a spritely tingle to the sides of the tongue with a very restrained warm finish. Oily body but not too heavy – this vodka came by its body honestly-not doped up with sugar, glycerin, or vanilla like a lot of others. A very clean vodka!

Drinks: Chilling Christiana down increases the thickness and and enhances the sweetness (but not overly so) and makes it dangerously easy to drink straight. With its smoothness and wonderful body it lends a weight and mouthfeel to a cocktail that you will not see with many other vodkas and so we highly recommend it for such pursuits.The martini was wonderful (use a twist not an olive too complement its delicacy).