Coppersea Bonticou Crag Straight Rye Malt Whisky


At once sweet and spicy, fruity and savory, earthy and floral, this special rye will have you captivated from the outset and will leave you satisfied long after the finish. Bonticou Crag is full and mellow on the palate, with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper. This is the first official release from Coppersea distilling.

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Coppersea Bonticou Crag Straight Rye Malt Whisky is named after the peak overlooking the Coppersea farm. This Straight Malt Rye is an authentic encapsulation of a late-19th C style New York whisky, which is crafted from 100% Hudson Valley rye, sourced directly from its own and neighboring farms in the Valley. Coppersea is proud to be a founding member of the Empire Rye consortium, and Bonticou Crag Straight Malt Rye is Coppersea‚Äôs first Empire Rye expression. Made from 100% malted rye grown on the distillery’s own farm as well as their neighbor’s, the grains are floor malted, fermented in wood vats and slowly distilled in hand hammered direct fire pot stills. Aged for a minimum of two years, the whisky is bottled at 48% ABV.

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