Diep9 Young Genever


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Diep9 Young Genever

Diep9 (pronounced “deep nine”) inherits its name from the deep 500 year-old history of genever, and from the nine botanicals immersed in its centuries-old distillation process. Handcrafted from grain to drop in an authentic copper pot still at Stokerij De Moor in East-Flanders, Belgium since 1910, Diep9 Genever delivers an award-winning taste that is truly characteristic of the country from which it hails. Diep9 is bottled by hand in historic, handcrafted clay jugs, which are still being found in old shipwrecks. The clay jug’s iconic shape is recognizable and unique to genever.

Diep9 Young Genever is double distilled in 52 gallon batches from rye, wheat and malted barley with nine botanicals in a traditional copper port still according to the young-style or 19th century distilling techniques. The nine botanicals are juniper berry, sweet orange peel, blessed thistle, carob, nutmeg, grains of paradise, angelica root, cinnamon, and coriander. This clear genever exhibits a smooth, clean taste with a silky finish. Its delicate character is defined by 15% male wine (grain mash). Sip neat, on the rocks with a lemon peel, pair with a Belgium beer or mix in a cocktail. Chilled, crisp and clear drinks like a martini, gibson, fizz and Tom Collins serve as a proper vehicle for Diep9 Young Genever. Its neutrality is palatable to the vodka drinker, and its delicate spices serve as a welcomed substitute for gin.

NOSE: Scents of caraway, vanilla, guinea pepper, cinnamon, with orange, citrus and flowery overtones.

PALATE: Spicy, oily entry like drinking a spice bread in a way with spices giving a nice kick to the oily entry

FINISH: A mild warming and drying finish.

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