Gosling’s Black Seal 80 Proof Rum


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In 1806, with a ship full of spirits bound for America, Englishman James Gosling ran out of wind and time. ¬†With his charter expired, James’s ship, the Mercury, put in at the nearest landfall, the island of Bermuda. ¬†Knowing a good thing when he saw one, he decided to make the best of an uncertain situation. ¬†James opened a shop on the King’s Parade, St. George’s, in December 1806, and the Gosling Family has been in Bermuda ever since. ¬†Today, Gosling Brothers is Bermuda’s oldest business and Gosling’s Black Seal Rum is Bermuda’s number one export. ¬†Gosling’s Black Seal The Spirit of Bermuda-Today, the flagship rum, a family tradition, has little changed in over 150 years. ¬†Gosling’s Black Seal 80 proof is still oak-aged and blended in restricted quantities at the same leisurely pace. ¬†No longer offered in champagne bottles sealed with black wax, from whence comes its name, the deep, dark rum still possesses the same smooth, rich, intricate flavor.

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