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Redefining the frontiers of the gin segment, GVine changes the perception of this centuries-old spirit, marrying the ancestral grape distillation know-how and infusion practices with the introduction of the rare vine flower. Whereas the grape spirit provides a round & velvety texture, the vine flowers, from the finest cognac vineyards, bring beautiful aromatics & floral essences. Two different interpretations illustrate the vine’s life cycle, from the blossoming period to the harvest. GVine Floraison, 80 proof, is smooth, vibrantly floral and warmly spicy. The combination of vine flower and grape base softens the traditional taste of juniper berries, making it a gin appreciated by both gin and non-gin drinkers alike. GVine Nouaison, 87.8 proof, amplifies the aromas of the spices, while retaining the sensual and silky grape base. Superb in a dry martini, it is an absolute alternative to a classic London dry gin.

From the first sip, GVine Floraison Small Batch Gin is delicate and floral with spicy warmth and a lingering, smooth finish. The subtle, aromatic vine flowers together with the grape spirit soften the traditional juniper taste. Smooth and well balanced in the mouth, GVine is full-bodied and less harsh than any other gin.

The nose is sweet and spicy with floral aromas and hints of cardamom and ginger, with a juniper base. The palate is sweet, smooth, round, grassy with flowers and spice. The floral taste of the green grape flower is very upfront, with juniper, cardamom and ginger following along behind. The finish brings back the floral taste again and is very long and dry. Clean crispy back end. Bottled at 40% ac/vol.

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