Highland Park 15yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky


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Highland Park was founded in 1798 and is located in Kirkwall, Orkney Island. It is the most northern distillery in Scotland, about a mile away to the north of Scapa distillery. Highland Park is one of the few distilleries that malt their own barley, it has its own floor maltings and peat beds and two traditional peat-fired kilns. They use a mix of peated and non peated barley, with the total phenol content about 20 ppm. Highland Park is a very renowned distillery, and its single malts constantly win awards in world competitions.

First released as a UK exclusive in 2003 and now globally available, Highland Park 15yr is a fabulously smooth, easy to drink single malt with a luxuriously light floral flavor and a gentle smokey finish.

NOSE: Aromatic smokiness with a hint of camphor.

PALATE: Rich, initially sweet developing into a dry smokiness.

FINISH: Rich, long medium sweet then medium dry.

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