Kilkerran Single Malt Aged 16 Years Scotch Whisky


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Kilkerran 16 Review
Type: Single Malt Scotch
Region: Campbeltown
Age: 16 years
ABV: 46%
Non chill-filtered
Natural color

A bit of a funky nose at first. Diesel. An almost skunky note. These notes fade away quickly though after a few minutes in the glass, and were only present when the bottle was first cracked.

Damp basement. A bit of peat smoke. A bit floral. A fresh fruit bowl lingering in the background, moving closer the longer the whisky sits in the glass. Cantaloupe. Baked peaches. Malty. Warm oak. Cinnamon sugar. Cereal grains. Rose pedals. Sweet lavender. Creme brûlée. Vanilla. Lemon meringue. Becomes more and more sweet and fruity as time goes on. Really quite wonderful.

On the neck pour, there was a moderate amount of peat smoke. A nice crispy sort of peat. However, the peat faded quickly after the bottle was opened, and subsequent pours have been much lighter on the peat (still present, but not much). Very fresh. Fresh cantaloupe and honeydew. A bit of key lime. Light honey. Sweet lemon. Vanilla extract. Lavender syrup. Just the right amount of oak. Oily. English toffee. A hint of lavender. Barley sugar. A bit of smoke and BBQ. Warm and comforting.

The mouthfeel is pretty good for the ABV. Creamy and oily.

The honey lingers nicely, as does the small amount of peat smoke. Tobacco. Melon. Lemongrass. Black tea. Barley sugar.

This whisky changed considerably after the neck pour. When the bottle was first opened, the nose was a little weird, but the palate was fantastic, with what seemed to be a surprising amount of peat smoke. But then it changed quickly. The second time I visited this bottle, the nose was improved, but the peat on the palate was mostly gone. Funny. I actually preferred the neck pour, in spite of the slightly odd nose. Nonetheless, this whisky is top notch, even as it changes. Complex, interesting, unique. This would be amazing at cask strength.

It’s a bit of a throwback whisky. Reminds me of top notch distillate from yesteryear, such as 1970s Tomatin (which is fantastic stuff, by the way).

Compared to the 12 year old Kilkerran, this 16 year is much more complex and interesting (and I love the 12 year old, especially for the price). It’s a very nice step up. Engaging and fun.

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