Laurent Cazottes, Eau de Vie de Raisin, Prunelart


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Prunelard was once widely planted from Lavilledieu to Gaillac in south-west France and has been recently rediscovered and nursed back to life thanks to Robert and Bernard Plageoles and a few other local backers of the region’s historic indigenous varieties. Although Prunelard is recommended only in the Tarn and is not permitted in any appellation wine, the total vineyard area has incraesed from jsut over 2ha (5 acres) in 1998 to 13ha (32 acres) in 2008. Producers of varietal wines include Domaine Plageoles and Domaine Carcenac; Domaine de la Ramaie produces a blend of 75% Prunelard with 25% Braucol (Fer). Wine are deeply colored, full bodied yet balanced and well suited to aging, often with robust alcohol and flavors of ripe plum and spice.”

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