Laurent Cazottes Goutte de Poire Williams Eau-de-vie


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Each eau-de-vie is made from organic fruits, harvested ripe then dried on mats to concentrate sugars/flavors. The dried fruits are then pealed one by one, cut in half, the pit/seeds/stalk are removed as to keep only the flesh of the ripe fruit. Only then are they crushed into a juice and fermented. On average the wine obtained is about 11% alc./ vol. This wine is distilled in a pot still to 66% alc./vol. Laurent bottles each eau-de-vie at 45% alc./vol after reducing the proof slowly by adjunction of demineralized water.

Because of the process of making those products, each year, the US allocation is of 200 half-bottles of each of those eau-de-vies.

Laurent Cazottes Goutte de Poire Williams Eau-de-vie is made from100% Bartlett pears, destemmed and cored by hand. This process takes a team of 10 people one month to clean the fruits after harvest. The fruit is then crushed and fermented using only ambient yeasts, then doubledistilled in a wood-fired, 11hl pot still. It is bottled at 45%, having been brought down to proof with rainwater.

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