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The fruits are harvested after having been left to dry on the tree (passerillage sur souche), cleaned (brushed), peeled. Pit and pips are removed. Part of the fruits are crushed and their juice is fermented. Part of this juice is then distilled. The fruit that have not been crushed are left to macerate for at least 6 month in grape eau-de-vie to which has been added the fruit brandy. Months later, the fruits are removed and the liquor/sweet wine bottled.

The fruits used to make eaux-de-vie are commonly orchard fruits such as apples, pears, plums, cherries and blackberries. Various examples have their own titles, while still falling under the category of eau-de-vie: Kirsch is a cherry-based spirit originating in Germany, while Slivovitz is the name give to plum-based spirits from eastern Europe. An eau-de-vie made exclusively from Williams pears is ca…

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