Lazzaroni Amaro Liqueur



Lazzaroni Amaro Liqueur

From one of Italy’s premier liqueurs producers comes this traditional bittersweet digestif they have been making since 1851. Made by infusing a secret recipe of herbs, botanicals, plants and fruits with alcohol and sugar Lazzaroni balances the minty, bitter flavors with a pleasant fruit driven touch of sweetness.

Home to lighter-bodied renditions of Nebbiolo from the villages of Grumello and Sassella, Lombardy produces the unique interpretations of Nebbiolo called Sfursat (or Sforzato). With these wines, the mountain-grown Nebbiolo grapes are dried for several months in the Amarone style, yielding reds of extraordinary depth and very pronounced aromas of red flowers and crystallized red fruit. While aged Sfursat/Sforzato is highly enjoyable and quite sought-after, we find its youthful exuberance simply irresistible. Lombardia is also home to some of the finest expressions of Trebbiano to be found in Italy. Lugana (and the surrounding area) produces white wines with incredible verve, brimming with crisp, direct notes of pineapple and white peach and Asian pear

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