Meteoro Mezcal Joven


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Meteoro Mezcal Joven

Local legend tells that a small incandescent rock fell near the town’s mezcal maker’s home, creating an ideal earthen pit oven, in which he roasted his agave hearts, and created the best mezcal in the region.

“How did you do it?” They asked him.
The old man simply replied: “It fell from the sky…”

100% Agave Espadin cooked in an earthen pit oven, crushed by tahona, naturally fermented in wooden vats and double distilled in a copper pot still.

Meteoro Joven is an unaged Mezcal from Oaxaca. Made entirely from Espadin agave, it is double distilled in the traditional way. A typically smoky and complex Mezcal.


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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in