Parce 12 Year Rum


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Parce 12 Year Rum

100% real: Every drop of rum in our bottle of 8-year has been aged for at least eight years, and every drop in our 12-year has been aged for at least twelve years. All in used bourbon barrels to impart delightful complexity with flavors that evolve in the finish. We use all natural, organic ingredients derived from pure sugar cane. Pure Colombian, period.

One bottle equals one tree: In cooperation with the Colombia Risaralda Forest Governance Project. every purchased bottle of Parce Rum finances the planting of one tree in Colombia.

In Colombia, “parce” is casual for “good friend.” We hope you enjoy our rum casually with your good friends! Follow us for the latest updates on where you can find your own Parce soon, as well as meanderings from Colombia taste and travel.

NOSE: Crème brulee, toffee, dried tropical fruits, baking spices

PALATE: Mocha, nut, mineral, and pipe tobacco flavors

FINISH: Long, normal finish


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