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We are fearless craftsmen. A lot of distilleries these days are touting “craft quality,” without the booze to back their claims. Which is unfortunate for them, and funny to us. ‘Cause we consider ourselves to be true Practice-What-We-Preachers that’ll never lead your taste buds astray. We have this strange impulse to strive for the unique, not the expected. Failure doesn’t scare us. Nor does the status quo. Or tradition. On the other hand, spiders do scare us. Especially those big spiders with the hairy legs. But we don’t let them into the distillery. We are creative perfectionists. Which isn’t good for our sleeping habits or social lives, but sure is ideal for the concoctions we create at all hours of the day and night. And we are artisan experimenters. We have to be. Only a mind that’s part artist, part mad scientist, and all optimistically naïve can get the eye-widening flavors and tongue-quivering tastes found in our special libations. That’s just how we do things here at Peach Street. Grab a seat. Have a sip

Everyone knows the old wive’s tale. You put out a flask of whiskey at night, and wild jackalopes will drink their fill and become easier to hunt. This gin made from several varieties of hand-picked Colorado juniper berries, all uniquely infused. It includes seven other botanicals, including Coriander, Angelica and Orris root that help create a piney essence with nutty undertones and hints of citrus throughout.

NOSE: Even when you open the bottle you can smell the sweet scent of pears.

PALATE: Sweetness of pears coats your tongue as it transforms into a sort of Cinnamon. Like baked pears with Cinnamon and brown sugar.

FINISH: Slight tingle at the end enough to number the mouth and lips, I feel like I was kissed by a Jackelope.

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