Pisa Liqueur




Pisa Liqueur

Pisa Liqueur’s flavors are born deep in nature’s most secret places and emerge in the kernels of her classics: hazelnut, almond and pistachio. The distinctive taste of Pisa however comes from the secret combination of these nuts. Nuts that provide the classical, delicate, nutty flavor and taste an intensive and characteristic aroma. Nuts with a distinctive and well known taste as individuals, but once blended with craftsmanship they form the true original essence of our Liquore Pisa. Marriage and maceration with special sugars and dedicated distillates precede ageing which makes Liquore Pisa woody and indulgent. An everlasting memory.

Brilliant amber color. Penetratingly spicy, almond paste nose. A round entry leads to a sweet, frosting-like, somewhat syrupy, full-bodied palate with sharply focused crushed hazelnut and toasted almond nut flavors and a hint of spices and dried fruit. Finishes gently with the toasted qualities prominent. The marzipan aroma is huge, wafting off the glass when it is still an arm’s length away. The big, sticky-sweet almond and hazelnut flavor is overwhelming at first, but pulls back quickly, leaving just a delicate whisper of nuts and orange on the finish. Beyond the glass, this would be a great addition to baked goods or spooned over fruit or ice cream.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in