Pur Williams Pear Liqueur




Pur Williams Pear Liqueur

Our pears are harvested at a precise moment in their maturity and individually wrapped and stored to ripen and develop an optimal aroma. During their short period of peak ripeness, the pears are crushed and distilled in small batches – approximately thirty five pounds of pear goes into producing just 0.75 liters of distillate. It captures the essence of the capricious Williams pear.

We invite you to partake in a German distilling tradition that dates back centuries Рto enjoy the product of generations of extraordinary sensory talent Рto experience pür•spirits.

Each variety of pür•spirits is produced according to traditional principles and time honored recipes in Bavaria, Germany. There, we craft spirits of exceptional quality under the leadership of German Master Distiller Franz Xaver Salzgeber Рdistilling just a few hundred bottles per batch.

By balancing modern technology with traditional recipes and techniques we give you classic spirits with a very current view on fresh, local and organic ingredients.
For the uninitiated, the best way to get intimately acquainted with our distillations is to savor pür•spirits neat at room temperature. You just might forget everything you knew about liqueur or gin. pür•spirits distillates are balanced and sophisticated. They have at their heart the finest and freshest fruit, flowers, berries, herbs and spices.

And we ask that when you enjoy pür•spirits, you do so as has been done in Germany for decades Рregularly and responsibly.


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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in