Redbreast 15yr Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey


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Redbreast is produced by the New Midleton distillery, founded in early 17th century and located in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland. It is the largest distillery in Ireland, and is currently owned by Pernod Richard.

Characterized for their complex flavors and full, creamy mouthfeel, Pot Still Irish Whiskeys are created from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, which is then triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills. The inclusion of unmalted barley into the mashbill, along with the tradition of triple distillation, is a uniquely Irish approach to whiskey production. Single Pot Still Whiskey, originating from a single distillery, was once the most sought after whiskey style in the world, but its popularity decreased during the hard economic times of the early 20th century. However, in recent years this style of whiskey has been revived, due to renewed interest from whiskey writers and enthusiasts alike, giving rise to demand for new expressions.

If you are looking at this bottle, the chances are that you are already familiar with the 12 yr and 12 yr cask strength offerings, and you probably aware of how excited we are about them, especially the cask strength one. Redbreast 15yr is just a beautiful pot still whiskey, rich, complex and packing lots of flavor. That’s exactly what you want from your whiskey. Bottled at 46% alc/vol, non chill-filtered, and no color added. Should we say more?!

NOSE: Fruity, tangy, notes of lemon zest, hay, beeswax, honey and tropical fruit.

PALATE: Creamy, cooked fruit, baked banana, nutmeg butterscotch and caramel.

FINISH: Quite long, notes of custard, peppermint and fruit.

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