Savvy Vodka Gluten Free


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Savvy Vodka founder Michelle Madaffari comes from a long line of successful women entrepreneurs. Michelle’s grandmother and great aunts ran various lucrative businesses in Westchester County, just north of New York City, at a time when, if women worked, they were often relegated to be behind the scenes. Instead, they flourished as leaders in their communities, and passed down their business acumen (and savvy) to her mother Janet, who, in turn, passed it on to Michelle. capable, tenacious, with a strong work ethic, Michelle was born to be an entrepreneur.

But all work and no play is no fun…

As a successful realtor and busy event planner, Michelle knows how to enjoy her down time. An avid cook who loves to entertain and go out to restaurants, Michelle’s active social life has always included good food and good drink. When she was diagnosed with Celiac disease and a serious gluten allergy in 2018, she wasn’t going to let that deter her.

Michelle turned lemons into lemon drop martinis!

Not letting her health issues get in the way of her love of food and drink, Michelle embraced her new way of living, and even became inspired by it. Savvy Vodka was created as a premium vodka brand that could fit her active social life and discriminating tastes, as well as her gluten-free lifestyle. And of course, it had to be delicious!

Savvy Vodka was born out of the idea that aspirational can be inspirational. And life should be savored.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in